For Mister Pet quality is an indispensable feature that involves all departments, from an accurate selection of the ingredients to the arrival of the food at the retailer's.

Already in the choice of the production plant we selected the best machinery and the most advanced technology, using a steam pre-cooking technique to ensure that the nutritional principles of the ingredients remain unchanged during the various processes. .

The top quality ingredients are selected according to their origin and the processing method; the same criterion is applied to fresh meat, all carefully selected and supplied by certified abattoirs.
Also in the transport phase we comply with the required quality standards to preserve the freshness of the ingredient until they are used.

Quality is guaranteed by the numerous tests carried out in real time via its internal analysis laboratory, strictly controlling every processing stage, from conformity at intake of the ingredients to the finished products, furthermore we avail ourselves of external certified laboratories. We have in place highly efficient trackability systems for all the ingredients and traceability systems for all finished products.

All the diets are studied in collaboration with nutritionist veterinaries and with Universities; our team of researchers is always at work to better meet the nutritional needs of our small friends, in full respect of their natural diet.

All the packaging undergoes continuous checks to ensure integrity and to make sure that it remains intact and preserves both the food and its aroma in the best way.

We do not carry out any experimentation on animals and strive to offer a 360┬░ welfare, starting from the the selection of suppliers, who must not carry out experimentation on animals to work with us.

Certifications held by the company:

Food safety and quality management system
(International Food Standard) - Unified quality management system specifically for food products